Proposed Colston’s Primary School extension

A site at the junction of Elmgrove Road with Redland Road, formerly used by SWEB, is being investigated for a possible extension to Colston’s Primary School. It is proposed that the school, which currently occupies a large site on Cotham Grove, should expand from having two entry classes to three entry classes because of the shortfall in primary school places for our area.
A similar approach is already well under way for St. John’s Primary School with its extension being built on the old Police Station site in Lower Redland Road.
The Local Education Partnership / Skanska has been instructed to commence a feasibility study for the Elmgrove Road site to see if it would be appropriate. An initial public consultation is going to be held on Thursday 20th February 2013 at the Colston’s Primary School, Cotham Grove (see events). This is at an early stage of the process and no detailed proposals are yet drawn up. The local residents and workers are invited to raise any issues with the design team which will be taken into account when developing a design.
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