Concern for Leigh Court Farm

Update – 29 April 2019: The National Trust have now met with the tenants and agreed to give them new 5 year tenancies on their current tracts of land. They have admitted that they were wrong in the way that they handled the matter, and have made a commitment to work more cooperatively with thier tenants in future. Thanks to all those who wrote to express their concern.


There is a current risk to Leigh Court Farm from a potentially misguided retendering process by the National Trust.

At Sustainable Redland we are very concerned indeed. Leigh Court Farm is an essential part of our Whiteladies Road Farmers and Fairtrading Market every Saturday, and they are an essential part of the Bristol Food Movement providing locally grown organic produce.

We have learnt that retendering by the National Trust of their land in Failand could lead to Leigh Court Farm losing their tenancy. We believe it essential that the 10-acre field in Failand, farmed by Leigh Court Farm, must continue to be farmed by the current tenants in order to maintain the viability of their business.

For full details see the Briefing about Leigh Court Farm – April 2019 prepared by Sustainable Redland.

We are urging the National Trust to meet with the tenants to find a way forward. One possibility has already been proposed that seems to meet all parties needs.

Please write to the National Trust (email addresses shown in the Briefing document) to express your concern and your support for the farm.

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