Open Doors

By Lucy Pedler

The extreme eco-refurbishment of our Redland house has been a source of great joy for us as a family for many reasons. Apart from the obvious benefits it has brought to us – comfortable living conditions, lower fuel bills and a sense of contributing to improving the environment – the satisfaction of being able to share our experience and explain the measures we have taken to reduce carbon emissions of the house with others is immense.

We open our house to the general public twice a year through both the national Super Homes scheme and more locally, Bristol Green Doors. This initiative, started by Dan Weisselburg, has allowed Bristolians to learn about a huge range of measures they can employ to improve the performance of their own houses by visiting local Bristol Green Doors homeowners on the Open Days.

The interventions can be simple things such as draught proofing front doors through to installing external wall insulation and the homeowners share their successes and challenges with visitors, allowing people to decide what the most appropriate actions to take on their own homes.

Bristol Green Doors is a very successful scheme in that it maximises the exposure of many low cost, high carbon reduction measures in a simple, effective and low cost way and the expertise has begun to be shared in other cities around the UK.