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BCR Energy Group Talks in the New Year

BCR Energy Group will be holding their first two meetings of 2020 on topics to inspire us for the new year: Making Your Green 2020 Resolutions – 14th January Changing Our Food To Save Our Planet – 11th February Both

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Market resumes on January 4th

The Whiteladies Road Farmers Market is taking a Christmas break on Saturday 28th December 2019. The weekly market will resume in the new year on Saturday 4th January 2020.

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Accepting Change

Hooray! The City Council has made a good move banning diesel cars from the city centre. It’s a start and a brave one.  From 2021 none will be allowed to enter during daylight hours and similarly powered taxis, buses and

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Climate Change and Good Leadership

Last week I had to wait for four large black SUVs to pass by one after the other before I could walk my small grandchild across our little street.  It set me wondering again about climate change and leadership. I

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We Need Good Leadership

I overheard a young couple in a Tesco Express the other day debating whether to buy four or six tins of tuna. I couldn’t resist intervening and suggested whatever they decide to hurry up, because soon there won’t be any

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Heaven and Hell

I had a perfect vision of heaven the other day looking over the River Avon. There was a spring tide on a clear crisp morning and Pill’s colourful houses made faultless reflections on the water. Fishing boats tied up on

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Living sustainably means satisfying the needs of the present without adversely affecting the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs. There’s probably a few unreconstructed freeloaders amongst us who couldn’t care, but my guess is most of us would happily

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Where are the Arts?

How many of us have set about doing something to reduce their fossil fuel consumption in the wake of the devastating weather events that have happened around the world in the last few years? Probably none. Its unsettling reading about

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Bristol Airport Expansion

Last month Keri Beckingham in her article ‘Bristol Airport expansion decision due in September’ put the points forward about our local airport expansion plans clearly, and they were scary. Over 6 years it wants to increase passenger numbers from 8

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Concern for Leigh Court Farm

Update – 29 April 2019: The National Trust have now met with the tenants and agreed to give them new 5 year tenancies on their current tracts of land. They have admitted that they were wrong in the way that

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