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Song of the Whale

This report has been sent by Vassili Papastavrou from the mid-Atlantic. I have been at sea since March helping to bring the research vessel Song of the Whale back from South Georgia after studying southern right whales with British Antarctic

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Make a swift nesting box for your house

Decline of swift nesting sites Swifts migrate 6000 miles from sub-Saharan Africa to breed in Britain. It was only in 1994, when the Breeding Birds Survey was initiated, that their numbers began to be monitored, and so there are no

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What’s in a Hedge

By Karen Shergold If you have been to Metford Road Community Orchard in the past, you may need to do a double-take as you approach it now. I’ve been an active member for many years, and I certainly did when

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The Renewables Revolution – A Good News Conference

Until very recently, integrating renewable energy technologies into buildings has been a ‘nice to have’ addition, the main barriers being capital costs, competiveness with fossil fuel energy and scepticism. However, recent evidence shows that these barriers either no longer exist

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Home Energy Surveys – Vacancies

C.H.E.E.S.E. is a non-profit scheme led by local community volunteers that shows you where your house leaks heat and money by means of thermal imaging and suggests what remedial action to take. Surveys are reasonably priced and free to low

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The Street Party kit needs a new home

Several years ago, Sustainable Redland supporters set up a borrowing service for people holding street parties. The street party kit includes road signs, bollards, bunting and other useful items that can be used to close off, decorate and hold an

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Metford Road Community Orchard Open Day

Metford Road Community Orchard is a small organic orchard based on permaculture principles. It will be open on Saturday 17th June, 12noon – 5pm, as part of North Bristol Get Growing Summer Open Days. With a stream at the bottom

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Community Tent at the May Fair

Sustainable Redland will be hosting a stall at the Redland May Fair on Redland Green again this year, on Monday 1st May. We will also be helping clear up at the end of the Fair. It would be great to

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Electric car charging

How to spend £7.5 million… Vassili Papastavrou In January 2016, it was announced that Bristol was one of four major cities to receive a grant (in our case £7.5m) to promote the use of electric cars and other ultra-low emission

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Whiteladies Markets Xmas 2016

Whiteladies Road Farmers and Fair Trading Market will be held as normal during the 2016 Christmas Holiday period, so there will be Markets on Christmas Eve, Saturday 24th December, and on New Year’s Eve, Saturday 31st December.  

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