How the group started in 2005

By Hamish Wills

Delivering a letter to around 1000 Redland households was a long plod. It made me feel better though. It was something in the face of public indifference to the steady stream of newspaper reports warning us of the perils of climate change.

At first I’d thought everyone else was to blame for it. And to a certain extent they were. However having realised it’s much easier to pass the buck rather than self examine, the penny dropped that blaming others is no good, I’d have to get my own act together first.

Working with a whole group and its associated range of skills and talent seemed a good proposition, so I decided to deliver a letter around the neighbourhood asking anyone else with the same concerns as mine to come to a meeting at the Friends Meeting House on Wednesday 2nd March 2005.

12 people turned up, including Angela and Robin, and 8 sent their apologies. We decided that we wanted local action, communication and information, and came up with host of plans focusing on local food, transport, household energy, bringing in more people, finding and disseminating information, and setting up achievable targets.

We ended by giving ourselves a set of tasks, and set the next meeting for April 13th 2005.