We don’t have an explicit membership scheme for our group. Instead, we primarily keep in touch by subscribing to email lists. You can support of our group by subscribing to one or both of these lists.

Subscribe to our email news

The newsletter gives us a way of letting our supporters know what is going on without them needing to remember to go to the website. It gives a summary of the latest news, with links that allow you to follow up anything of interest.

Subscribe to our news by email

Subscribe to our email discussion forum

We also have a Yahoo Group which works as an email message board and discussion forum. However, it does require a Yahoo account to be able to join.

You can register with Yahoo as follows:

  • Go to the Yahoo registration page.
  • Follow the instructions to register with Yahoo. You only have to give a username, email address and password, you do not have to enter any personal information except for the essential stuff than enables you to identify yourself should you forget your password. You do not need to set up a yahoo email address – just use your existing one.
  • Keep a note of your Yahoo username and password.

Once you have got your Yahoo account:

  • Sign up to join the Yahoo Group: susredland
  • The Yahoo Group options let you choose to receive individual messages, or daily digests
  • There is also an archive of past messages
  • You can post messages to the Group by sending to: susredland¬†@¬†