Climate Change

open day 21 october

The impact of human activity on earth’s ecosystems has been an issue for at least fifty years, but until recently the magnitude of the problems were little appreciated outside of the scientific community.

A good short book is “How we can Save the Planet” by Mayer Hillman. It costs £8.99.

Another popular one is David MacKays book ‘Sustainable energy – without the hot air’.

Science never gives absolute certainty and climate science is a complex business. Could human-induced climate change may be just another armageddon myth designed by people who hate progress? It’s worth checking out the following links and articles;

If you are wondering whether it is actually possible for a human population heading for 8.9 billion to live sustainably and peacefully on earth then you are not alone. Rob Hopkins takes a cheerfully pragmatic look at it all in the Transition Handbook.