Redland & Cotham map and illustrations

Living Locally - Redland & Cotham (inside of leaflet)

Living Locally – Redland & Cotham (inside of leaflet – click to expand)

This is the inside of our Living Locally leaflet.

The map, created by Joey Gurdon, gives a graphic view of the range of facilities available in our area. Different colours are used to show: Sports venues, Schools, Play areas, Parks, Libraries, Allotments, Meeting rooms, Shops, Pubs and Places of worship.

The illustrations down both sides, created by Imogen Clowes, show on the left:

  • Lovers Lane by Cotham Gardens; two views of allotments; Redland Library

and on the right:

  • Redland Station; the Chapel on Redland Green; the Whiteladies Road Market