Whiteladies Road Market

Our own Farmers and Fair Trading Market

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The market is held every Saturday, from 8.30am to 2pm, at the junction of Whiteladies Road and Apsley Road, BS8 2ST.


Market remains open during lockdown

Local food markets may seem like quirky little ventures that are never going to make a difference. Surely they went out of fashion because supermarkets are more convenient – we’ll never turn that tide back so why bother? Well, at present most communities are helplessly dependant on ‘just in time’ deliveries of intensively farmed, overpackaged food flown half way round the globe before it gets to your plate. Once fuel scarcity and climate change start to impact on global productivity and prices, then energy-intensive food production and distribution will be less feasible, and it isn’t desirable now.

We started our market in June 2006 because we wanted to:

  • raise awareness and provide more opportunity for local people to buy locally produced low packaged products
  • provide a sales outlet for local farmers and food producers
  • create a regular community event focused on sustainability

We have local seasonal food, from Leigh Court Farm, Cotswold Edge, Old Sodbury Lamb, Gales Farm, and some exotic items from further afield to add colour and choice. We also have some gift and specialty items such as Mullion Cove which sells for small Cornish producers, and we have some flowers and plants.

We have had lots of positive feedback about the market, and there is no shortage of interested stallholders. Local businesses have been very supportive, and see the market as a positive addition to what is already a strong local trading area. Our guiding principles are that the market is for:

  • genuine traders, properly vetted with produce from the South West of England, or occasionally from abroad with a traceable, ethical supply chain
  • low packaging, food, plants and a few craft items with a link to food
  • complementing local shops and helping local businesses by bringing more local shoppers to the Whiteladies Road area

Everything about the market has been achieved just by ordinary local people giving up their own time to organise the market, publicise it, and help on the day. If you can help then please contact Rob at robinhaward @ blueyonder.co.uk